McBride Passionate about Private Label

The Investment case

We are Europe' leading provider of Private Label Household and Personal care products developing, producing and selling our products to leading retailers throughout Europe and beyond.
In today's fast-moving world, we don't stand still. As the leader in our chosen markets, we work hard to deliver value and performance.
Our customers are leading multinational and national retailers. We provide them with consistent service, product quality and product development.
We continually strive to ensure our operations are efficient and effective. We control our costs and invest in lean manufacturing techniques to deliver long term sustainability for our operations
Our characteristics are teamwork, being open, striving to do better, focusing on the customer, all  underpinned by a leaner, smarter and more connected organisation.
Our 'can-do' culture means we always find a way.
We're sensitive to the needs of all our stakeholders - the McBride team, customers, consumers, partners, suppliers, investors and the wider community.
The quality and commitment of our people enable us to succeed.
Our markets are evolving and our customers are expanding their horizons.
Our goal is to continue growing as the clear leader in Private Label Household cleaning and Personal Care products in Europe and extend our "Passion for Private Label" to the developing and emerging retail markets of Central Eastern Europe and South East Asia.

McBride is in the midst of a transformation programme with the ambition to become the leading European manufacturer and supplier of Contract Manufactured and Private Label products for the domestic Household and professional cleaning/hygiene markets.

Leading market position

In 2015, after a number of years of disappointing returns, the Group entered a transformation phase with a new management team driving a fresh strategic direction. This transformation will optimise McBride's activities, maximising its market‑leading position and size to deliver scale advantage for value creation and development of growth opportunities.

Market dynamics supporting McBride's growth ambition 

A number of developments in McBride's markets means that McBride's scale and geographic spread will be ever more a key part of market supply and growth. These developments include consolidation of retailers in many parts of Europe, the emergence of the discounter retailers with their private label offer, the drive by many established retailers to simplify their product ranges and supplier base and, additionally, increased outsourcing activity by the brand owners. Our scale will allow us to maximise these opportunities for growth.

Broad customer and product base provides diversification of opportunity and risk

The Group has well established market positions in all of Europe's major economies and supplies its products to a very wide range of customers including virtually all of Europe's leading retailers. Extensive product ranges for both Household and Personal Care permit our customers to source most key products from a reliable, reputable and long‑standing supplier. The Group has manufacturing and product development facilities across Europe which aligned with our commercial activity to the specific regional market requirements allows for customer focus whilst we continue to maximise synergies between our operating activities.

World‑class manufacturing assets are key to our cost competitiveness and operational excellence

McBride's extensive network of manufacturing locations and assets offers unrivalled capacity and capability to both retailers for private label and branders for outsourced manufacturing. The market dynamics offer further opportunities which will require targeted investments into our key sites. These investments, aligned with our selective market and product offering, will allow for a substantial improvement in our cost competitiveness and operational excellence.

Cash generative business, providing annual dividend and capital growth opportunities

As a well invested manufacturing business, McBride has the capacity for significant cash generation as profits continue to improve. In spite of the ambition to outspend depreciation in the next four to five years, the business will generate good cash flows to provide the opportunity to return funds to shareholders, look for additional investment options and further reduce our borrowings.