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Financial reports

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Half Year Report 2020pdf (715KB)-
Annual Report 2019pdf (8MB)-
Half year report 2019pdf (1MB)-
Final results 2019 press releasepdf (664KB)-
Annual Report 2018pdf (9MB)-
CSR Report 2018pdf (1MB)-
Half year report 2018pdf (2MB)-
Final results 2018 press releasepdf (1MB)-
Annual Report 2017pdf (7MB)-
CSR Report 2017pdf (2MB)-
Half year report 2017pdf (2MB)-
Final results 2017 press releasepdf (413KB)-
Annual Report 2016pdf (5MB) -
Sustainability Report 2016pdf (4MB) -
Half year report 2016pdf (1MB) -
Sustainability Report 2015pdf (5MB) -
Annual Report 2015pdf (6MB) -
Half year report 2015pdf (1MB) -
Annual Report 2014 (Strategic Report)pdf (3MB) -
Annual Report 2014 (Governance and Financial statements)pdf (5MB) -
Sustainability Report 2014pdf (3MB) -
Final results 2014 press releasepdf (379KB) -
Annual Report 2013pdf (712KB) -
Interim Report 2013pdf (712KB) -
Sustainability report 2013pdf (3MB) -
Final results 2013 press releasepdf (178KB) -
Annual report 2012pdf (3MB) -
Interim Report 2012pdf (2MB) -
Annual Report 2011pdf (2MB) -
Interim Report 2011pdf (895KB) -
Annual Report 2010 pdf (2MB) View
Interim Report 2010pdf (507KB) -
Annual Report 2009pdf (3MB) View
Interim Report 2009pdf (638KB) -
Annual Report 2008pdf (2MB) View
Interim Report 2008pdf (485KB) -
Annual Report 2007pdf (2MB) View
Interim Report 2007pdf (395KB) -
Annual Report 2006pdf (3MB) View
Interim Report 2006pdf (209KB) -
Annual Report 2005pdf (2MB) View
Interim Report 2005pdf (279KB) -
Annual Report 2004pdf (2MB) View
Interim Report 2004pdf (568KB) -
Annual Report 2003pdf (903KB) -
Interim Report 2003pdf (312KB) -
Annual Report 2002pdf (742KB) -
Annual Report 2001pdf (623KB) -
Sustainability progress 2012pdf (97KB) -
Sustainability report 2012pdf (2MB) -
Sustainability report 2011pdf (2MB) -
Sustainability report 2010pdf (2MB) -
Final results 2012 press releasepdf (192KB) -
Final results 2011 press releasepdf (250KB) -
Final results 2010 press releasepdf (133KB) -
Interim report 2014pdf (1MB) -
Final results 2015 press releasepdf (236KB) -
Final results 2016 press releasepdf (376KB) -

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