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McBride’s key performance indicators

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McBride will substantially simplify its activities, covering customers, products, processes and organisation. We will launch a broad range of purchasing driven saving initiatives, in further support of the simplification and rightsize the overhead base to reflect better the new way of working.

KPI 2016 Repair

Labour cost/revenue (%)
Labour cost as a % of revenue.

Customer service level (%)
Volume of products delivered in the correct volumes and within agreed timescales as a percentage of total volumes ordered by customers

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McBride will invest into its manufacturing assets and optimise its warehousing and distribution network. We will align the new organisational set‑up aiming to institutionalise our new way of working with our people. We will provide a clear way forward for identified sub‑optimal customers/categories and products.

KPI 2016 Prepare

Adjusted operating margin (%)
Adjusted operating profit as a percentage of revenue

Return on capital employed (ROCE)
Adjusted operating profit as a percentage of average year end net assets excluding net debt

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McBride will drive a sustainable and profitable growth path based upon a greatly improved cost position and more efficient manufacturing and distribution. This will focus on fewer markets, categories and customers. McBride will develop customer specific value propositions depending on their individual requirements and the channel in which they are active.

KPI 2016 Grow

Adjusted operating profit (£m)
Operating profit before adjusting items

Net debt divided by EBITDA

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