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McBride positioning and differentiation

Manufacturing excellence
Manufacturing excellence is an investment programme targeted at an optimised asset configuration supporting our market and growth ambitions. Continued investment in existing assets will further improve our operational cost and will be extended to additional investments, upgrading our five 'Anchor' sites, Estaimpuis, Foetz, eper, Middleton and Strzelce. Our strong asset base creates the opportunity to further develop manufacturing agreements with other industry players such as branders. This will give us a combined cost and efficiency leadership.

Our scale and reach across all key European markets enables McBride to provide customer-oriented service propositions aligned with channel requirements. We intend to have a tailored offering aligned with respective channel characteristics, combined with supporting customer service levels and agreements clear on content and commitment. Public company reputation and standards reassures customers of long-term, sustainable supplier relationships.

Size to scale
McBride, as the largest player in the European market, can leverage its size by delivering scale benefits in purchasing, innovation, manufacturing excellence, legal know-how and customer relationship management. McBride's balance sheet provides the opportunity for selective acquisitions, delivering further scale benefits.

We focus on the development of our people, organisational capabilities and skills. As a pan-European employer, McBride has access to a wide variety of talent so that whatever we do, whatever organisation we build, McBride can deliver upon its ambition and promises - with its people engaged, developed and positively challenged.

With visibility across all of Europe, our presence in selected products and markets, well-resourced technical teams and colleagues hungry to offer new ideas, McBride can be at the forefront of customer innovation. Whether this is in product ideas, supply chain improvements, packaging ideas or customer contract arrangements, McBride stands out as a leader in our industry.

Focused on our customer needs

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McBride customer needs October 2013