McBride Passionate about Private Label

We’re focusing on laundry liquids, machine dishwashing and specialist cleaners

McBride is a trusted partner for over 90% of Europe's top retailers and is growing fast in Eastern Europe and Asia.
In a highly competitive market, nearly all top retailers in Europe rely on McBride for superior private label products. That's because McBride has the innovation, scale, efficiency and complete understanding of customer needs.
Carrefour. Tesco. Schwarz. Metro. Rewe. Auchan. Aldi. Marks & Spencer. John Lewis… virtually every player in the market values McBride as their natural partner.
We're not just, by far, the biggest player in the market. We are acknowledged as the leader in terms of reliability, quality and innovation.
These major retailers ask us for help and guidance on meeting their customers' needs. We have considerable expertise in knowledge of household and personal care products. They often ask us to give them strategic as well as tactical guidance on these important categories.
We work closely with our customers, working as one team across borders, to develop innovative products that give consumers the quality and value they demand.
Our strategy is to continue to improve our service across the established markets of Western Europe; and help international and local retailers develop their businesses in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Asia.
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McBride has identified and prioritised those categories within the European Household consumer market which will provide the greatest opportunity for profitable growth for McBride, its Private Label customers and shareholders as these categories gain increasing consumer popularity.

We focus on laundry liquids, gels and sachets; machine dishwashing products; and specialist cleaners, including trigger products, which are characterised by market position, growth, innovation, and manufacturing technology. This focused approach means we are channeling particular investment and energy into higher growth categories.

Changing the way we work

Integral to the Project Refresh review was the need to understand how category management and development within McBride could be further enhanced to improve the effectiveness of product development and increase speed to market.

A detailed review of our Ways of Working identified the opportunity for a more strategically co-ordinated approach in a select number of categories prioritising Group initiatives, whilst maintaining and managing specific local versus regional opportunities.

McBride prioritised four categories for its Category and Category Development Leadership approach to exploit research and development and group-wide insights, providing a solid platform for growth and to meet customer's expectations of McBride's passion for delivering value adding Private Label products.


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