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Leadership in Private Label

We're the clear leader in Household products.

We develop and supply products for sale under retailers' own brands, these are  often referred to as private labels, store brands, own labels, distributor brands and discount  brands.

Private Label's play an  important role in  today's economic environment  through:

  • The attraction of lower prices and value for money for consumers
  • The attraction of higher margin products for our retail customers
  • Enabling retailer differentiation and building customer loyalty
  • Providing  opportunities for  category segmentation with economy and premium ranges
  • Providing  further  growth opportunity in both developing and emerging markets

Our scale gives us key advantages. But it's not just our size that makes us leader.

We innovate so that our customers get better products that deliver value and performance for consumers.

We're efficient, which means we can deliver products at the right time, at the right cost.

We specialise in the product sector we know well: Household cleaning products.

Sustainability is at the top of our agenda for product development, improving our products and processes to reduce environmental impact.

We work with Europe's most successful retailers  and are passionate about growing their private label offer.

All this allows us to maintain our leadership.



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