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McBride is one of Europe's leading developers and manufacturers of personal care, skincare and toiletry products. We continually observe the latest market and consumer trends to underpin our product development concepts and proposals.

In addition to our three liquids production and two aerosol factories, we have Personal Care and skincare factories in Malaysia and Vietnam we are increasing our global scale and reach in this dynamic market.

Our areas of competence and expertise include:

  • Bath and shower products
  • Hair care
  • Body care
  • Mens grooming
  • Oral care
  • Baby care
  • Skin care

Each category is supported by a team of marketing, formulation and development and packaging specialists aimed at delivering tailored private label solutions for our customers.

Bath and shower

Our bath and shower ranges include bath foams, shower gels, mousses and liquid soaps including latest aromatherapy formulations to deliver relaxing body cleansing and bathing experiences with a comprehensive range of packaging types and size to meet your price point expectations.

Skin care

With the acquisitions of skin care development and production facilities in South East Asia we now have an extensive range of skin care. Our portfolio includes day and night creams, serums, lotions and cleansers, as well as general body, hand and foot care and self-tanning creams. Our formulation expertise includes anti-ageing products suitable for all skin types, aimed not just at the over 50's but also for younger women who are seeking to prevent or delay the signs of aging.

Hair care

From family shampoos and conditioners to the latest hair styling solutions, McBride has the capability in liquids, gels, mousse and spray formulations to meet the growing demand for private label hair care products across Europe.

Body care

With capabilities in roll-on deodorants, aerosol based anti-perspirant deodorants, fragranced body sprays for both men, women and teens, supported by body performance products such as body scrubs, McBride is able to deliver body care ranges for all the family needs .

Male Grooming

The male grooming market has been one of the fastest growing personal care sectors in recent years. Our range of men's grooming products includes shaving gels and foams, deodorant's and body sprays, plus shower products has been extended to include the latest developments in skin care ranges for men.

Oral care

We produce sensitive, whitening, kids and family formulations of toothpastes, as well as single and dual phase mouthwash formulations. McBride's increasing reputation in the mouthwash category, now extends to South East Asia where McBride Fortlab in Malaysia are one of the leading mouth wash manufacturers in the region.

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