McBride Passionate about Private Label

Economic impact

McBride is Europe's leading provider of Private Label Household and Personal Care products. With sales of over £800million or almost €1billion, we enable our retail customers to provide consumers with value for money Private Label products

McBride's products aim to meet the needs of a large and growing demand for value for money Household and Personal care products from consumers with increasingly tight household budgets.

McBride has a significant impact on the communities where it operates, employing over 5,400 people in the UK, Europe and the Far East contributing over £130 million in salaries and benefits to our employees.

Our economic impact also includes our many suppliers with whom we spend over £500 million for raw materials, packaging, services and distribution.

We contribute to both central and local governments through taxes, rates and national insurance contributions or its equivalent and return money to our lenders in terms of interest on loans.

The added value that is left in the business is used to invest in the future growth of McBride and distribution to shareholders.

Commenting on the Group's approach to sustainability and the role its plays in underpinning the Groups Objectives, Chris Bull reported:

"Despite the difficult economic and trading conditions we are currently facing, I, and my Group Management Team, remain strong in the belief that sustainability is an essential element of our business model and underpins our performance.

We have, for the first time, initiated a company-wide steering group to ensure that every part of the business is fully engaged in the sustainability agenda, that best practice is shared throughout the Group and that customer requirements in sustainability are understood and addressed. The steering group is charged with ensuring that the revised policies and principles are embedded into all divisions of the company.

The strategic direction of the Group is to drive Private Label growth in Household and Personal Care products throughout Europe and into the developing and emerging markets through product innovation, excellent customer service and quality, and by exploiting our scale in procurement and operational efficiency.

We will continue to focus on a number of core product categories which we believe offer the best growth prospects and to examine opportunities to expand our geographic reach. During the year we embarked on a review of the Group's strategy, through the 'Refresh' programme aimed at improving the focus, prioritisation and execution of the Group's strategy.

The resulting actions encompassed organisational change, a category review, improved competitiveness and new opportunities. It is this drive for improved competitiveness and the organisational focus on improved efficiencies that form the link with the social and ethical motivations of the Group's sustainability activities."