McBride Passionate about Private Label

Business ethics and relationships

We have in place strong business principles which apply to all employees to set a minimum standard for their behaviour.

We expect employees to operate to high ethical standards in compliance with our Business Sustainability Policy which outlines the principles on business ethics behind our approach to business. All business dealings are expected to be conducted with utmost discretion, integrity and respect for all parties as well as in compliance with local and national legislation.

We are committed to free and fair competition and we will compete strongly but honestly, whilst ensuring we comply with all relevant Completion Laws. Appropriate training has been provided to all senior executives and managers across the Group.

We employ purchasing procedures that select suppliers, whenever possible, on the basis of specification, quality, service and economic factors and favour those who operate in an ethical and socially responsible manner and who are committed to minimising their impact on the environment. All contracts are based on fairness and equality of treatment for potential suppliers. Under no circumstances are financial inducements or bribes permitted, made or accepted regardless of amount, whether direct or indirect, or to or from third parties.

Procedures are in place to prevent unauthorised disclosure of confidential information about the Group to competitors and to prevent any attempt to improperly acquire trade secrets or any other confidential information from competitors.

We operate and encourage openness and honesty in all our internal relationships and have systems for colleagues to highlight shortfalls and to suggest improvements to anything in the business. We have robust procedures for handling all types of issues and grievances.

Our managers all received training to form effective relationships with their teams which is based on respect and honesty with openness to new ideas and challenge.

All policy documents including policies on insider dealing, anti-bribery and corruption compliance, and whistle blowing are available in the Corporate Governance and Responsibilities sections of the website.