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Health & safety

We strive to maintain a safe workplace at all locations in which McBride operates. We continue to ensure that our business activities are undertaken in a responsible manner and in accordance with relevant statutory legislation and that all employees participate in the development, promotion and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment for employees, visitors and the public.

We have systems based both on legal requirements and our own policies. European sites operate under the OSHAS 18001 system.

When we acquire businesses, if their systems are lacking, we bring them up to our standards.

We have comprehensive internal safety management procedures that include maintenance of health and safety policy manuals, verification of regulatory compliance, risk assessment, individual site action plans, safety audits, training, formal incident investigation and provision of occupational health services.

There is also a strong focus on the use of key performance indicators, external auditing and achieving exacting external health and safety accreditation for our operations. Internal training is provided to ensure compliance with McBride's standards.

Across the Group more than 17,000 hours of Health and safety training were delivered on all aspects of Health & Safety using our own packages as well as training from external providers.

Sites work closely with local enforcing inspectors who make regular visits, not simply to investigate accidents, but also to plan compliance audits and agree priorities. Major exercises are undertaken at our sites, together with local authorities, to test action plans for dealing with site emergencies. Such tests are useful learning exercises for all parties and help to underpin the disaster recovery plans developed for each site. Five factories hold the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety accreditation.

Further detailed information on our Health & Safety performance is included in our Sustainability Report 2019 (Hyperlink)