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Running our business responsibly

McBride is committed to providing the very highest standards in quality and service in a responsible and sustainable manner. We believe it is important for social, ethical and environmental matters to form a central part of the decision making process to support business growth and deliver competitive advantage.

1. Environment

We aim to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our operations and products. (more)

2. Health & Safety

We aim to provide safe working environments underpinned by comprehensive internal safety management procedures and external verification. (more)

3. People practices

We strive to develop, motivate and engage our employees to help them give of their best and fulfill their potential. We provide equal opportunity for all and do not tolerate discrimination and unacceptable behaviours. (more)

4. Communities

We work closely with the communities where we have our operations to make a positive contribution where possible, recognising there is economic interdependence between ourselves, local businesses and local government. (more)

5. Ethics

We have a strong code of ethics and expect all employees to behave with honesty, discretion, integrity and respect for all related parties. (more)

6. Economy

Our strategic corporate plans are developed recognising the long term interests of all stakeholders - employees, consumers, customers, suppliers and investors. This takes into account all relevant operational and financial factors which could have short and long term implications for the Group. (more)

7. Product Responsibility

We are committed to high standards of product safety; we take care to understand safety issues related to products and ensure that they are suitable and safe for their intended use. (more)

CSR- Policies and procedures

We have clear procedures and policies, as well as management and performance systems, which ensure we grow our business in a responsible manner. (more)

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