McBride Passionate about Private Label

People practices and human rights

Our continued success depends on having a skilled and motivated workforce as well as the behaviour of our managers and all our employees.

We endeavour to create a culture whereby employees are recognised as a valuable asset.

The Company is continuing to implement initiatives to engage employees with the business and to ensure they feel valued in an environment where they can make a positive contribution.

The focus is on helping employees to give of their best at work and to achieve their full career potential through the provision of training and development opportunities and to enhance individual performance we have a coaching programme as an element of our training resource.

Our appraisal system is extended to all employees and helps to ensure that individuals' performance is assessed objectively and their training and development is defined systematically and in relation to business needs.  We intend that all employees will receive an annual performance and career development review and have a current target by site of 85% minimum.

It is our policy to ensure equal opportunity in recruitment, selection, promotion, employee development, training and reward policies and we have an Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy in place which is monitored through the HR function.  It is a key objective to ensure that successful candidates for appointment and promotion are selected taking account of individual ability, skills and competencies without regard to age, gender, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

We're committed to international human rights standards. We do not use child labour and check suppliers in this respect. We do not tolerate unfair discrimination. We comply with laws and standards on working hours.

We regularly conduct opinion surveys to monitor employee satisfaction. The results help us improve the way we communicate, motivate and engage with our employees.