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McBride is the leading provider of private label household for Europe's largest and most successful retailers and we want to stay in the forefront.

We constantly develop new products and new packaging concepts to meet the changing needs of our customers and end users.

McBride has a group of 200 scientists working in research centres in Europe and Asia.

In 2010 we brought the team together under one Group R&D functional organisation. Working closely with the procurement team under a single leadership, we further expect significant benefits for the Group to fully leverage our scale, to apply the best ideas wherever they come from, and to strengthen further our innovation capability.

New ideas, processes and products are fundamental to our business and key to our success.

We work closely with our suppliers to identify new concepts. We aim for our suppliers to be proactive in bringing to us new opportunities so that we can successfully grow together.

Our suppliers work closely with our Purchasing, Technical Development, and Marketing teams to bring new ideas to market on the fastest timings, whether in utilising with the latest trends in fragrances, in further  improving cleaning performance, in designing the best packaging, or in developing the most environmentally-friendly materials.

McBride is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We look forward to hearing about your ideas.

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